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Rustic Gun Cabinet

Rustic Gun Cabinet

 *All cabinets require basic assembly - a screwdriver and drill are all you need.*

These camp-style, rustic solid pine gun cabinet models are the perfect display setting for your guns or pistols.

The wood is hand-selected using only the highest grade of pine conducive to the manufacturing process. The selected wood is air-dried for eight to twelve months and then kiln dried for another sixty days. The logs are then tested with a state-of-the-art moisture meter to ensure that every piece has the perfect moisture level. Only after this long, precise process can the logs be transformed into beautiful furnishings.

The construction process begins only after the wood has been approved for final production. Start by hand-stripping the bark off each log (skippeeling). This process is done completely by hand with a drawknife, ensuring that no two logs are alike. After each log has been crafted, the ends are fitted with quarter-inch threads that require bolt fastening. Other joints that are pre-assembled at the factory are fitted twice and expansion glue is applied to both pieces, ensuring that joints will remain tightly fastened.

A four-step finish application is standard on all of Rush Creek products. The satisfying Rush Creek finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood; every knot, grain, and gradation shine to perfection. First, each piece is hand-sanded using a very fine grade of sand paper, and we apply a thin coat of primer to assure that our scratch resistant polyurethane finish adheres properly. Next, we hand-sand each piece again and apply our polyurethane finish. Third, we carefully hand-sand each piece once again and apply yet another coat of polyurethane. Finally, the finishing process is completed as we lightly sand and apply a professional grade sealer.

The result is a display cabinet to be truly proud of - a trophy for your home.

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