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Lockdown Accessories Deluxe Kit

Accessories Deluxe Kit
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The Lockdown Accessories Deluxe Kit has some very key items that you need to make your gun safe the very best it can be. The kit includes a 12" dehumidifier bar eliminating moisture and protecting firearms from rust, corrosion and mildew, a large hanging organizer to take advantage of the unused space on the door allowing you to hang handguns, knives, and other small items, a hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels inside the vault, a cordless vault light to illuminate right where you need a little extra light, a magnetic barrel rest to rest long guns on the outside of the safe while accessing the inside and anchor bolts to properly secure your safe to the floor or wall. Trust Lockdown Accessories to help protect your safe and your priceless firearms inside. Kit Includes: - 12" Dehumidifier Rod - Large Hanging Organizer - Hygrometer - Automatic Cordless Vault Light - Magnetic Barrel Rest - Vault Anchor Bolts


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