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Sturdy Biometric HandGun safe 
Item #AX11620
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This compact handgun safe opens quickly and smoothly at the touch of your finger.


The smaller dimensions of the safe mean that it can be kept in little spaces out of reach of everyone but still accessible to the owner. When the contents must be accessed, the state of the art locking mechanism is opened through the high-tech art of fingerprint recognition. The owner of the biometric gun safe can record up to 30 fingerprints that open the lock immediately after the safe is purchased. Some owners want to have one or more other people who can open the safe in case a need arises in their absence. Important documents, valuables, and firearms are placed inside the safe for secure keeping and the safe is stored in an obscure location. Only the person or persons who have recorded a fingerprint in the safe will be successful in opening it.

Valuable contents are protected from thieves who are completely unable to access the interior of the safe. If the contents must be accessed quickly, the touch of a finger in the correct position against the locking mechanism will open the lock and provide immediate access. Having a biometric gun safe in the house means that the weapon is kept out of the reach of small hands. No more need for finding the right key or remembering a complex numeric combination under duress. Most biometric safes include a key for traditional access in the event access to the fingerprint is not available, and the safe must be opened.

I stored my finger print in safe multiple times. This allowed safe to reduce the likely hood of errors during opening

Model # AX11620
Body Material Steel
Weight 12 lbs.
Included Accessories Inner floor mat, set of emergency back-up keys, mounting hardware and batteries
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Outer Size 12" x 8" x 7.75"
Inner Size 11.5" x 7.5" x 5.75"
Fingerprint Memory 30
Secondary Access 2 back-up keys
Locking System Motorized deadbolt lock
Fireproof No
Door Thickness 3/16"
Body Thickness 1/16"
Batteries 4 AA



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