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Stack-On Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier

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This is a great for use in safes and security cabinets. It absorbs excess moisture without having to drill holes or run electrical cords through your safe. It doesn’t even require batteries. The moisture gauge on the front of the dehumidifier indicates when it needs to be recharged and can pull excess moisture from 100 cubic feet for 4 – 6 weeks before it needs to be recharged. Recharging is easy, just plug it into a standard electrical outlet overnight and this cordless humidifier is ready to go. To refresh the unit, simply plug into a standard 110 electrical outlet or outlet strip there excess moisture can be released and distributed (for example a utility room, garage, well ventilated bathroom). Leave the unit plugged in overnight (8-10 hours). Features: - Absorbs moisture without having to drill holes or run cords through your safe - It does not require batteries - Recharge by plugging the unit into a standard outlet overnight - Can pull moisture from 100 cubic feet for 4-6 weeks before needing to be recharged - Moisture gauge on front lets you know when the unit needs to be recharged Specifications: - Color: White - Material: Plastic - Height: 8.2" - Length: 8.2" - Width: 1.6"


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